New Release: Lousy with Trouble Boys

The next book in the Trouble Boys Series is now available! Picking up where we left Clinton, Garrett, and Chaz in the first book, the second book – Lousy with Trouble Boys – expands their world even more, which isn’t always a good thing for a bunch of gangsters.

Garrett’s life is about to change…

Galavanting around Europe for five years should have been the highlight of Garrett Fitzgerald’s life. His nights had been spent fighting in underground boxing matches, drinking any kind of available liquor, and keeping the best kind of questionable company. When he agreed to come home, he expected those days of fulfillment to be behind him. But executing a coup-d’etat against a rival crime family has a way of putting everything before it to shame.

Daniel Sullivan is now in jail. Garrett doesn’t expect him to stay there long, so it only buys everyone time. Clinton and Chaz are on the mend from their brush with death, and eager to take total control of the Twilight Lounge. Robert and Katherine Sullivan want the Twilight back, and with Daniel’s position weakened by his arrest, the two younger siblings see an opportunity to establish their own vision for the Sullivan family future.

Garrett thought he’d seen his last battleground after being discharged from the war. As the criminal world splits into factions, Rochester – and his personal life – become a powder keg. He isn’t ready to give up on Daniel, even if his relationship with Clinton is more than he could have dreamed for. Then one of Garrett’s beau’s from Britain arrives in the city touting a secret, and it’s one more spark lighting a match.

If they can get through the next month, Garrett’s life will change for the better. He’s certainly survived worse. But someone is going to let a genie out of a bottle – literally – because of course djinn exist alongside vampires, werewolves, and sirens. And since this isn’t a fairytale and djinn only serve themselves, no one will be safe from the explosion.

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