Divided By Night

The fourth book in my very first completed book series. In 2023, these books are going to receive a complete overhaul and reimagining, which is why they’re available online for free.

Page through the chapters here or, if you’d prefer to download it to your ereader, you can use BookFunnel. When the Immortal Paradox series premieres, these will no longer be available anywhere, so grab them now while you can!


Book Four of the Vampire Flynn Series from USA Today Bestselling Author Peter Dawes 

After ten years spent in hiding, the sins of the past have come to visit Peter Dawes again. Living out his life with his watcher, Monica, the two have forged a family within the throes of denial. But something sinister lurks in the shadows, released by the spell which granted the rogue seer back his life. And both it and the Supernatural Order have had a decade to prepare for his return.

Ready to stand against those formidable opponents, his greatest enemy might be the one lurking underneath the skin. As Peter gets pulled into a cataclysm stretching across a continent, he discovers the vampire he once was still lingers after all this time. A whisper has become a voice and has adopted his old name.

And this time, Flynn will not be so easily silenced.


“Did you think you would be rid of me, Peter?” he asked, loathe dripping from his voice. The weight of his stare fell onto my shoulders, but I refused to acknowledge it as he spoke. “You trusted it has been a decade and that I had disappeared?”

He tsked, crouching low and forcing me to behold him at last. The assassin. My dark side. The entity I had feared the most all these years. “You wished a glimpse past the looking glass? Well, here you have it. You cannot escape what you are. And if you think immortality is through with you, you are sorely mistaken.”


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The Story

The Vampire Flynn was the first full-length novel written by Connor Peterson. The original novels were published under the pen-name Peter Dawes as a cheeky nod to the idea that, later in his immortal life, the main character of the Flynn series made time to write down his life story.

A Vampire Named Flynn

The Flynn Series is six full-length novels written by Connor Person between 2008 and 2015. Characters like the ones in these stories have a way of sticking with you. After a decade of self-discovery, the author plans to revisit and update the books to include elements that he can no longer imagine being absent. In other words, the original versions are just fine but the new ones will be much more lgbtq+ front and center.

The Second Trilogy

Peter lived 5 years as a Vampire named Flynn. Now he's had 10 years as a Seer in Hiding. His destiny isn't finished and when it comes knocking, it says hello with a familiar voice.