Undone By Blood

The fifth book in my very first completed book series. In 2023, these books are going to receive a complete overhaul and reimagining, which is why they’re available online for free.

Page through the chapters here or, if you’d prefer to download it to your ereader, you can use BookFunnel. When the Immortal Paradox series premieres, these will no longer be available anywhere, so grab them now while you can!



Book Five of the Vampire Flynn Series from USA Today Bestselling Author Peter Dawes 

As the identity of his newest antagonist is revealed, Peter discovers just how costly his decade in hiding has become. Europe is in shambles, with a puppetmaster directing the steps of both vampires and the Supernatural Order, and now, Peter stands as the only person who can resolve the conflict.

He could also be the very thing that tips it over the edge. As his loyalties are put to the test, he faces a temptation far greater than any he’s weathered, calling out to his dark side, Flynn. If Peter succumbs, Europe could fall into the enemy’s hands.

But if Peter stands strong, he could lose everything.


If someone had asked what I knew with certainty at that moment, I would have confessed I was going to black out. And there was not a damn thing I could do about it.

Bloody droplets of sweat formed on my neck, coating my skin as I took breath after unsteady breath. Each second of consciousness I fought for became an uphill battle, but I knew leaving my body to their mercy could mean the end of me. I had placed myself in quite the predicament, doing what I had just done.

My eyes shut, but my feet held steady. Inside my bones, I could feel the presence lying at my feet – the being lost in transitional slumber. The woman I had just given the eternal kiss to, and she was in just as much peril as me.


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The Story

The Vampire Flynn was the first full-length novel written by Connor Peterson. The original novels were published under the pen-name Peter Dawes as a cheeky nod to the idea that, later in his immortal life, the main character of the Flynn series made time to write down his life story.

A Vampire Named Flynn

The Flynn Series is six full-length novels written by Connor Person between 2008 and 2015. Characters like the ones in these stories have a way of sticking with you. After a decade of self-discovery, the author plans to revisit and update the books to include elements that he can no longer imagine being absent. In other words, the original versions are just fine but the new ones will be much more lgbtq+ front and center.

The Second Trilogy

Peter lived 5 years as a Vampire named Flynn. Now he's had 10 years as a Seer in Hiding. His destiny isn't finished and when it comes knocking, it says hello with a familiar voice.